About the Particle Engineering Centre

About the Particle Engineering Centre



The Particle Engineering Centre was established early 2021. The basis for the research in the Centre is an extensive experience at the Department of Chemical Engineering at NTNU, within particle synthesis and characterization, which quite recently was put into practical application as part of the COVID-19 test method that was developed at NTNU.

The objective of the Centre is to advance the scientific knowledge within fundamental and applied particle engineering. Ongoing research activities focus on synthesis, characterization and tailoring of particles for use in nanomedicine and environmental applications.



The main goals of the centre are to:

  • Develop and expand the academic knowledge within particle engineering research, employing chemical engineering skills and knowhow
  • Provide a basis for more industrial applications integrating a sustainable approach



  • Fundamental research
  • Application based research
  • Development of characterization methods 
  • Provide access to high-end equipment (Particle Engineering Core Facility)
  • Sharing of knowledge
  • Educate and train students


The Team


PhDs, PostDocs and Researchers