Petrographic- and Ore Microscopy Laboratory

Petrographic- and ore microscopy of thin sections and polished sections provides valuable information on the mineralogy and microstructures of rocks and ores. Petrographic investigations using the microscope, forms the basis for understanding the rock mass properties, stability and origins.

At IGB we have a well-equipped educational lab with 16 petrographic microscopes for transmitted and reflected light. One microscope for demo is connected to a projector and one microscope is equipped with a discussion tube.

The research lab for microscopy features an advanced petrographic microscope (transmitted and reflected light) connected to a computer and a digital camera. This microscope also has a UV-lamp for fluorescent light microscopy.
The research lab is also equipped with micro thermometry lab for the study of fluid inclusions in minerals, as well as a high-temperature micro thermometry equipment capable of heating small samples to very high-temperature for the studies of melt inclusions in, and thermal properties of minerals and rocks.

The department has its own laboratory  for preparing different samples used for microscopy of minerals and rocks.