Mineral processing Laboratory

Research and education at the Mineral Processing Laboratory at NTNU provide vital knowledge on sustainable processing of ores and minerals, as well as on recovery of valuable components from industrial waste. The laboratory is the only of its kind in Norway.

At the Mineral Processing Laboratory, ores and mineral based raw materials are crushed and ground in order to liberate the individual phases. These particles can then be separated to recover valuable minerals, remove contaminating components or divide the material into different size fractions. The separation is based on differences in the physical and chemical properties of the particles, and could be based on density, magnetism, surface chemistry, particle size, mechanical strength, electrical conductivity or colour/appearance. The equipment consists of modular units, which allow unit operations to be run either separately or combined in continuous circuits. The laboratory can also produce user specified micronized mineral products.

The laboratory is located at the centre of the Department, close to its advanced analytical laboratories. In addition to the large processing hall, the Mineral Processing Laboratory consists of several designated units. These include separate rooms for coarse and fine crushing, the dry separation laboratory, the flotation laboratory, the micronisation hall and a multipurpose student laboratory.