International Business and Marketing

International Business and Marketing

Research activity



The Reshoring Norway project is a pilot-project to explore the prevalence and extent of reshoring within manufacturing in the county of M&R as well as to analyze the reasons for reshoring and offshoring of manufacturing from and to Norway.

Project Manager: Bella Nujen



Our empirical context in this project is an ongoing cross border post-acquisition integration with a Western European MNE. We are looking into how interrelations of task and human integration effects cross border M&A performance.

Project Manager: Hans Solli-Sæther



Blue Circular Economy (BCE) is a transnational project funded by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme, that helps Small and Medium-Sized enterprises (SMEs) offering products and services within fishing gear recycling solutions to attain a great market reach.

Project Manager: Siv Marina Flø Grimstad


The aim of the project is to gain knowledge about how business and working life in the North-West of Norway is affected by digitalization in terms of organizational structure, leadership qualities and employee competence.

Project Manager: Ghulam Mustafa