PhD candidate Mariia Stepanova from the Corrosion and surface science group. Photo

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The Electrochemistry Group at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering aims to provide fundamental, theoretical and technological skills to masters and doctoral engineering students. The primary task for the electrochemistry group’s research activity is to develop fundamental understanding of electrochemical processes and electrochemical materials technology. This knowledge is brought forward into the group’s teaching, applied research and problem solving for industries, including the Norwegian electrolysis industry and for materials and corrosion related tasks within the chemical process and petroleum industry.

The electrochemistry group works with both fundamental and industrially relevant problem tasks important for the continuous development of a research-based electrochemistry education. Our masters and PhD candidates are highly desirable and commonly work closely together with Norwegian industry on joint research projects. Together with Sintef, the group has built up a large research laboratory within electrochemistry embracing electrowinning, electrochemical energy technology and corrosion. As a result, the group has numerous national and international collaborators and a research term abroad is often encouraged.


The electrochemistry group is split into three main research areas:

Electrochemical Energy

- Svein Sunde, Ann Mari Svensson, Frode Seland

Corrosion and Interface Chemistry

- Andreas Erbe


-Geir Martin Haarberg, Espen Sandnes


In addition, members of the electrochemistry group are part of a number of projects, either as project leaders or participants. Here are a few of them:

SFI Metal Production


The electrochemistry group aims to provide state of the art equipment and instrumentation to fullfill all research needs.

We have over 450 m2 of lab space, containing a variety of equipment such as: glove boxes, advanced electrochemical equipment (RDE, DEIS, DEMS, EQCM, battery testers), FTIR, UV-vis spectrometers and scanning probe microscopes (AFM/STM).

The group also has access to infrastructure and facilities provided by NTNU-NANO-lab clean roomsNORFABRECX and NORTEM.

Specific information about all the instruments and equipment available to the department.


What's going on in the group?

We have two open positions in the group:

Please get in touch if you would like to apply!


In December, Professor Frode Seland and three students from the group attended the annual NiElectroCan meeting in Ottawa, Canada.

Here they presented their work on Nickel based catalysts and coatings for use in low temperature fuel cells and electrolysers.

An article from researchers in our group has been selected as a featured paper and the cover story for the Journal of Energies!

You can read the article, on the conversion of waste heat to H2 using reverse electrodialysis here: https://www.mdpi.com/1996-1073/12/18/3428





Find an archive of all the old news articles here


Group Leader:
Professor Geir Martin Haarberg
E-mail: geir.martin.haarberg@ntnu.no

Visiting address:
Sem Sælandsvei 12

Postal address:
Electrochemistry Research Group
att: Geir Martin Haarberg
Department of Materials Science and Engineering