Bachelor Engineer (INPUT)

Bachelor Engineer (INPUT)

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Photo. Three students in a chemistry lab
Photo: Kim Ramberghaug/NTNU

Bachelor Engineering

Undergraduate programmes in chemistry and materials engineering

Our group is in charge of the three-year bachelor's degree programmes- chemical engineering and materials engineering, as well as the one-year programme in biotechnology and chemistry. Our focus point is teaching, and as such we take an active part in developing IMA's teaching competence. We are always interested in testing innovative ways of teaching, learning and assessment, in particular student-active learning and use of digital tools


Establishment of student-active forms of learning and assessment in major basic subjects 

Photo. Two students in a material-lab.
Photo: Kim Ramberghaug/NTNU



Academic staff:

Beate Ystenes. PhotoAssoc. Prof. Beate Ystenes

Lectures in Analytical chemistry.



Christian Lauritsen. PhotoAss. Prof. Christian Lauritsen

Lectures in General chemistry, Physics/Chemistry, Basic Materials Technology, and the Introductory Material Science course. Supervises students in the Introductory engineering course, and bachelor theses in Chemistry and Material Science.


Eirik Sundby. PhotoAssoc. Prof. Eirik Sundby




Gerhard Olsen. Photo

Assoc. Prof. Gerhard Olsen

Lectures in Basic Materials Technology and General chemistry, as well as supervising projects and bachelor theses in Material Science. Works with developing the educational activity at the Department of Material sciences, including exams, assessment and student-active learning and assessment forms. 

Ina Merete Stuen. Photo

Ass. Prof. Ina Merete Stuen 

Study-program leader for Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, and the one-year programme in Medical and Biological Chemistry. Lectures in General chemistry, Biotechnology/biotetechnological process technology, Engineering Systems Theory, and the introductory engineering course. Coordinates and supervises bachelor theses.

Iselin Grav Aakre. PhotoAss. Prof. Iselin Grav Aakre

Lectures in Inorganic chemistry and Analytical chemistry for Chemical Engineering students. Her research focuses on chemical education: the teaching of chemical bonding and factors contributing to students' learning.


Kjersti Kleveland. PhotoAssoc. Prof. Kjersti Kleveland

Lectures in Inorganic chemistry, Material Testing and Characterization, Material- and process selection, and Material development. Responsible for coordinating and supervising materials science students' Bachelor theses. Also supervises projects in Fundamental bachelor-level engineering and Engineering Systems Theory


Lene Østby. Photo.

Assoc. Prof. Lene Østby

Coordinator for the first year of Bachelor in Chemical Engineering. Lectures in General Chemistry, and Organic chemistry and biomolecules 1 and 2. Supervises projects in the Fundamental bachelor-level engineering and Engineering systems theory courses. Supervises bachelor theses for Chemical Engineering students.


Marte Sørtveit Mørkve. PhotoAss. Prof. Marte Sørtveit Mørkve

Coordinator for Bachelor of Material Science. Lectures in Physics/Electrochemistry, Physics/Chemistry, Kinetics and thermodynamics, Basic materials technology, and Analyical chemistry. Supervises students in the Introductory engineering course, Engineering systems theory and bachelor theses.


Roald Lilletvedt. PhotoAss. Prof. Roald Lilletvedt

Study-program leader for bachelor of engineering in material science. Lectures in: Corrosion, Material Properties and Use, and Material Testing and Characterization. Supervises Bachelor theses and projects in Introduction to the engineering profession and Engineering Systems Theory.


Trine Barstad. Photo.University college teacher Trine Barstad

Teaches lab courses in Instrumental analysis and biopolymers, Anlytical chemistry and General chemistry.




Technical staff:

Andrey Kosinskiy. PhotoStaff Engineer Andrey Kosinskiy




Hege Sundgård. Photo

Senior Engineer Hege Sundgård

Teaches lab courses in Biotechnology, Biomolecules, Inorganic chemistry and Kinetics and thermodynamics.



Hilde Indstad. PhotoStaff Engineer Hilde Indstad




Liv Anita Nonstad. Photo

Senior Engineer Liv Anita Nonstad

Teaches lab courses in General chemistry, Electrochemistry, Inorganic chemistry and Organic chemistry. Safety representative for IMA Akrinn.


Marit E. O. Odden. PhotoSenior Engineer Marit E. O. Odden

Responsible for planning and conducting lab courses for material science students, at the Akrinn materials-lab. Also affiliated with IMA Fysmet (Gløshaugen).



Affiliated PhD Candidates:

Ingrid N. Haugen. PhotoIngrid N. Haugen 




Kamilla Arnesen. Photo.

Kamilla Arnesen







The INPUT group is located in the Akrinn building, at the Kalvskinnet campus in Trondheim. Our offices are on the third floor, adjacent to the chemistry student-laboratories on the second and third floors. We also have a well-equipped materials testing laboratory in the basement.

Please contact group leader, Assoc. Prof. Eirik Sundby for general enquiries to the group, or feel free to e-mail any one of us directly.

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