Booking and prices

Center for Advanced Microscopy (CAM)

Booking and prices


Reservation of the instruments

Only authorized and trained users have access to the instruments. Contact responsible personnel to schedule for consultation and training.

Optical microscopes

Booking online - Login required for reservation

Contact Astrid Bjørkøy for access

  • Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS)
  • PhiOptics SLIM
  • Zeiss Laser TIRF microscope
  • Leica DM6 FS (fluorescence microscope)

Atomic force microscopes (AFM)

Contact Bjørn Stokke for access

  • BioScope Catalyst (AFM)
  • MultiMode 8 (AFM)
  • Cypher VRS (video rate AFM)

Other equipment

Booking online - Login required for reservation


Price list (/hour)

All prices are in NOK/hour and are exclusive VAT (VAT is not charged for the university sector)


Internal users (university)

Other users (external)

Leica TCS SP8 SMD MP 325 354
Leica TCS SP5 198


Zeiss LSM 800 198 221
Zeiss LSM 700 198 221
InVivo SliceCope 209 209
Bioscope Catalyst AFM/Laser TIRF 224 246
Cypher VRS AFM 224 246
MultiMode 8 AFM 224 246
Leica DM6 FS 215 226
Technical assistance 497 522

The presented prices are based on the intention to share the costs of the infrastructure among users.

  • Prices are calculated according to the National Research Infrastructure Resource (RIR) model.
  • All prices are without VAT. VAT will be charged to all services where NTNU do not have the ownership of the results.
  • Hours are recorded and charged to the specific projects in Maconomy.


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