Ung forsker i arbeid. Foto: Geir Mogen/NTNU


NTNU’s main profile is science and technology.

We have 5,000 academic employees in strong professional environments, of which more than 42 per cent are women and 35 per cent are international.

NTNU is one of 10 technology universities in the European alliance ENHANCE, and one of 5 technology universities in the Nordic Five Tech alliance. We collaborate with Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC). Participation in the European framework programmes is of high priority.

NTNU works for basic, long-term knowledge development, and focuses on applied research towards the public and private sector. We host or participate in 45 national centres funded by the Norwegian Research Council,. We host or participate in 263 Horizon 2020 projects, and have received 25 ERC Grants. Altogether we have more than 100 laboratories / research infrastructure, several of which are national resources.

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Doctoral Awards Ceremony

Group image Doctoral Awards Ceremony: Honorary doctor, Honorary Award winner, rectorate, deans, PhDs

Dr.h.c. Professor Patricia Lago, Honorary Award receiver Erik Must, Rector Anne Borg and Pro-Rectors, Deans and PhDs.

International Collaboration