Colloid and Polymer Chemistry


Research and teaching in colloid and surface chemistry, polymer science and related subjects is organized in the Ugelstad Laboratory. The Ugelstad Laboratory was founded at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in January 2002 to commemorate the late Professor John Ugelstad. The purpose was to raise the national level of colloidal science by establishing a modern educational, research and development laboratory within the fields of colloid, polymer and surface science. Applications include crude oil production and processing, pulp and paper, biomedicine/bionanotechnology, catalysis and materials science.


Diploma and PhD studies are offered within these topics, often in close collaboration with industrial companies. The aim is to educate highly qualified candidates for industrial and academic positions. In order to attract the best and most motivated students and researchers, the laboratory has invested heavily in new and modern instrumentation. Ugelstad Laboratory also participates in international exchange programmes, and hosts internationally renowned guest researchers and lecturers.


The Ugelstad Laboratory is sponsored by industrial companies, the Research Council of Norway (NFR), research institutes and NTNU. For more information about ongoing research programmes, recent publications and industrial contacts, please visit the Ugelstad Laboratory home page.



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What is new?

  • Birgitte McDonagh winner of PhD Grand Prix, March 2015!
  • Muh Kurniawan started his Ph.D. in Ugelstadlab in January 2015.
  • Albert Barrabino successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on 18/12/2014.
  • Ugelstad Laboratory got a grant from the Norwegian Research Council in December 2013! JIP: Improved Mechanisms of Asphaltene Deposition, Precipitation and Fouling to Minimize Irregularities in Production and Transport (NFR PETROMAKS) 2014-2017. Details are HERE.