Ugelstad Laboratory


The Ugelstad Laboratory was founded at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in January 2002 to commemorate the late Professor John Ugelstad.

The laboratory specialises in surfactant chemistry and its technical applications, emulsions and emulsion technology, preparation of polymers and polymer particles and their technical applications, plasma chemical modification of surfaces and silica-based chemistry.

Applications include crude oil production and processing, pulp and paper, biomedicine, catalysis and materials science.

The main purpose is to raise the national level of colloidal science.

The Ugelstad Laboratory is sponsored by industrial companies, the Research Council of Norway (NFR), research institutes and NTNU. For more information about ongoing research programmes, recent publications and industrial contacts, please explore our webpage.


Ugelstad laboratory receives recognition from Research and Industry

The Oil and Gas program Petromaks 2 from Norwegian Research Council published their allocations December 18 2015. Ugelstad laboratory at the Department of Chemical Engineering was awarded two projects, both of which were associated with laboratory core area. In addition the Norwegian Research Council also allocated a third project. The theme of these three initiatives is to develop better processes for oil / water separation, more effective treatment and a better understanding of the basic processes in the oil / gas transportation. The laboratory has defined a total requirement of 7 PhD and 3 postdocs to perform the tasks. Total budget for these initiatives is close to 36 MNOK. Key sponsoring companies and industries are Nalco Champion, Wärtsilä Oil and Gas, Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry, Statoil, Total and Schlumberger. In order to implement these initiatives Ugelstad Laboratory collaborates with the University of Alberta in Canada, ETH in Switzerland, University of Pau in France, State University of Murmansk in Russia, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) in Kjeller and Anvendt Teknologi in Trondheim.

Contact information

Professor Johan Sjöblom


Phone:(+47) 73 59 55 05

Fax:(+47) 73 59 40 80


Ugelstad Laboratory
Department of Chemical Engineering
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
N-7491 Trondheim, Norway


Visitors address:
Kjemiblokk V
Sem Sælandsvei 4

Academic and lab staff


Academic staff

Johan Sjöblom, Professor

Gisle Øye, Professor

Brian Grimes, Associate professor

Kristofer Gunnar Paso, Associate professor

Wilhelm R. Glomm, Adjunct professor


Laboratory Staff

Camilla I. Dagsgård, Laboratory manager

May Grete Sætran, Laboratory engineer

Bicheng Gao, Laboratory engineer