Department of Physics

Contact information and management

Department of Physics offices and laboratories are located in Realfagbygget (Natural Science Building) on Gløshaugen campus, about 1 km south of the city centre.

Visiting address

Høgskoleringen 5, Realfagbygget (Natural Science Building), Trondheim

Inquiry office

Administration and student service office D5-170. Open on weekdays at 08:00-15:30 (may-september 08:00-15:00)

Postal address

Department of Physics, NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway

Phone: (+47) 73593478     Fax: (+47) 73597710

Email:    Homepage:

Erik Wahlström, Deputy for Research, Department of Physics. Photo: E. Wahlström

Head of Department

Erik Wahlström

Office: Realfagbygget D4-161

Phone: 73593640

Cellphone: 47343567


Deputy Head of Education

Jon Andreas Støvneng

Office: Realfagbygget E5-112

Phone: 73593663

Cellphone: 45455533


Aud Lise Kulseth

Head of Office

Aud Lise Kulseth

Office: Realfagbygget D5-184

Phone: 73593416

Cellphone: 95988520



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