BRU21 video newsletter #2 - Exploration efficiency

BRU21 video newsletter #2 - Exploration efficiency


 BRU21: NTNU’s Research and Innovation Program in Digital and Automation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry. We mobilize multidisciplinary expertise across NTNU and, in cooperation with industrial partners, produce research results for novel technological and organizational solutions. The program consists of over 30 PhD and PostDoc projects supported by NTNU and 9 Oil and Gas and Technology companies. …read more

Video newsletters: In this series of newsletters we present BRU21 projects and selected results in the form of short videos covering each of the 6 program areas.

BRU21 program area: Exploration Efficiency
Prototyping future geoscience data organization and analytics tools for improved exploration workflows

BRU21 aims at developing novel automated tools to increase data analysis efficiency in the exploration workflows through modern computational methods, e.g. machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with cross-disciplinary subsurface expertiseread more

BRU21 project:

Automated lithology classification employing whole core CT scans
Lithology classification enabled by whole core Computerized Tomography images and advanced analytics algorithms

Project result:

Workflows to classify lithology using 2D and 3D CT images
Convolutional Neural Networks-based workflows for high-resolution classification of lithology and porosity

BRU21 Project:

The impact of well data quality on machine learning performance

Structuring and preprocessing of petrophysical data for efficient use with machine learning algorithms

Project result:

Automatic depth matching of well log data

Structured well log data base and algorithm for fast and accurate depth-matching of well log data

BRU21 Project:

Automated seismic reconstruction of missing sections

Automated detection and tracing of geological unconformities in seismic data sets

Project result:

Automated detection of geological unconformities

Machine learning-enabled workflow for automatic detection and classification of geological unconformities

BRU21 innovation:

Fast downhole testing of permeability anisotropy
New technology and method to determine permeability anisotropy accurately and within minutes in downhole testing