BRU21 video newsletter #4 - Reservoir management and production optimization



BRU21: NTNU’s Research and Innovation Program in Digital and Automation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry. We mobilize multidisciplinary expertise across NTNU and, in cooperation with industrial partners, produce research results for novel technological and organizational solutions. The program consists of over 30 PhD and PostDoc projects supported by NTNU and 9 Oil and Gas and Technology companies. …read more 

Video newsletters: In this series of newsletters we present BRU21 projects and selected results in the form of short videos covering each of the 6 program areas

BRU21 program area: Reservoir Management and Production Optimization  
Developing smart methods for planning, developing and operating offshore fields to ensure high economic value, performance and honoring multiple constraints.

BRU21 aims at developing novel automated tools to increase data analysis efficiency in the exploration workflows through modern computational methods, e.g. machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with cross-disciplinary subsurface expertise…read more 

BRU21 project: Assisted history matching, reservoir model update and optimization 
Determining optimal well placement using artificial intelligence and a reservoir model  

Project result: Numerical geo-steering using neural networks on a reservoir model 
An automatic well planning procedure that is fast and finds trajectories with high economic value  

BRU21 Project: Data-driven control and optimization of oil and gas production systems 
Methods using real-time data to improve the performance and reliability of optimization schemes 

Project result: An improved method for optimal gas-lift allocation using automatic well testing 
Ensuring a smooth transition, maximizing total oil rate and guaranteeing constraints are met at all times  

BRU21 Project: Production optimization strategies for offshore production systems with water processing constraints
How to best operate produced water injection systems subject to multiple limitations 

Project result: Improving the management of produced water in the Draugen field 
Deploying optimization and control to reduce energy consumption and meet requirements in a complex system 

BRU21 Project: A hybrid data-driven and mechanistic model for production optimization in the oil and gas industry  
Combining mechanistic modeling, AI and process data to better predict fluid expansion across a production choke 

Project result: Predicting choke performance of wells in the Edvard Grieg Field 
A study comparing the accuracy of mechanistic, data-driven and hybrid choke models. There is value in data! 

BRU21 Project: Improved technology for production optimization, with focus on gas lift allocation 
Developing models to allocate available lift gas among producers using field data 

BRU21 Project: Assisted history matching for petroleum reservoirs 
Developing and improving existing strategies to enhance the performance of the Ensemble Kalman Filter in history matching 

BRU21 Project: Data-Driven Reservoir Modelling 
Using machine learning to develop proxy models of reservoirs. Sounds like science fiction? We kid you not!