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BRU21 story

The collapse of oil prices in 2014/2015 had a gigantic effect on the oil and gas industry. The new reality required major changes from all parties involved, including academic institutions.

Fact finding meetings

In order to redefine NTNU's strategy for research and education in oil and gas and to get direct input from the industry, a group of NTNU professors (the BRU21 team) held  41  fact-finding meetings with oil-, service- and technology companies operating in Norway, as well as with authorities: OG21, NOROG, PTIL, NPD and MPE.

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These meetings, held during 2016, focused on 3 questions:

  • What are the major challenges for the O&G industry?
  • What are “break-through technologies” needed for oil prices at 30$ (break-even)?    
  • How can NTNU contribute to deliver future technologies & education in O&G?  

BRU21 report

Findings from these meetings were compiled in BRU21 report. The report specifies research areas prioritized by the industry and presents the NTNU Strategy of Oil and Gas Research and Education –  the new strategy based on these findings. 




Focus on digitalization and automation 

Among the six prioritized research areas indicated by the industry, the area of Digital and Automation Technologies was mentioned as the most important and urgent by most of the interviewed companies. To implement the new strategy and to respond to the industrial needs, in the fall of 2018 NTNU started the BRU21 program: NTNU’s Research and Innovation Program in Digital and Automation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Download the BRU21 2019 Annual Report

BRU21 Report