Innovation in education of professions

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Innovation in education of professions

Department of Public Health and Nursing

Innovation in education of professions


Professional education in health sciences, vocational and teacher education shall be based on established knowledge, research, experience-based competence, and user knowledge. In the years to come, the need for nurses and health professionals is great, the same applies to teachers. Accordingly, the educational capacity must be increased, and quality in practical studies should be further developed in collaboration with the various fields of practice. Quality of education is crucial; there is a need for innovation in education of professions in both theoretical and practical studies.

Research on “Innovation in education of professions” includes:

  • Integration of health theory (salutogenesis), health promotion and pedagogical theory with emphasis on Self-Determination Theory (SDT)
  • Salutogenic resources for student learning (motivation, autonomy, relatedness, and competence)
  • Learning design in higher education (eg learning design for CPR in nursing, learning design for relational competence)
  • Student-active learning methods in education
  • Digital student-active pedagogical methods
  • Adult learning and learning environment
  • Guidance and quality in practical studies in vocational and professional educations such as nursing, midwifery, and teacher education
  • Professional management and the development of good cultures in education and practice
  • Pedagogical practice / interventions and implementation - with a focus on patients, relatives, students, teachers, and health professionals

Research activity