Gender and Inequality

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Gender and Inequality

Members of the research group Gender, Inequality and Welfare
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About us

About us

The research group Gender and Inequality offers a forum for networking, collaboration and mutual support for researchers situated at the Department of Sociology and Political Science. Among group activities are a reading group and paper seminars.

Members of the group are involved in research on a broad range of issues, such as:

  • Gender equality and family policy
  • Gender and organizations
  • Inclusion and integration in civil society
  • Gendered labour, care and reproduction

Tema: Gender and Inequality


  • Gender equity in Norwegian eSports. (Lucy Piggott, Jorid Hovden og Anne Tjønndal). Funded by NTNU Småforskmidler
  • Gender equity in the leadership and governance of the sport for development and peace sector. (Lucy Piggott). Postdoctoral project.
  • Is gender on the international agenda? Gender representation and policy in international sport governance (Lucy Piggott og Jordan Matthews). Funded by UK Sport.
  • Precarization of work among cabin crew. (Ulla Forseth and Ingvill Stuvøy). Funded by NTNU Småforskmidler

Recent publications

For more publications, see the researchers' NTNU-profiles.

  • Forseth, U. (2021) “Smile away”: Endringer i emosjonelt arbeid blant kabinansatte. Norsk sosiologisk tidsskrift. vol. 5(1), 8-22.
  • Forseth, U.; Rosness, R. (2021) Paradoxes of power: Dialogue as a regulatory strategy in the Norwegian oil and gas industry. Safety Science. 139(1), 2-11.
  • Forseth, U. (2019), ‘Il paradosso norvegese non esiste’, Ingenere (, 3. October.
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  • Kvande, Elin; Moen, Lisa Vaagan (2019). Å bli uerstattelig i omsorgen og erstattelig på jobb. Mannlige lederes erfaringer med bruk av fedrekvote. Norsk sosiologisk tidsskrift. Vol. 3 (5).
  • Moen, Lisa Vaagan; Kvande, Elin; Nordli, Kine (2019). Fathers Use of Parental Leave in Organizations with Different institutional Logics. Social Sciences. Vol. 8 (10).
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  • Stuvøy, Ingvill; Kirpichenko, Maria; Kristensen, Guro Korsnes; Lie, Merete & Moratti, Sofia (2021): Bioteknologiske framtider. Refleksjoner over endringene i bioteknologiloven fra et kjønnsforskningsperspektiv, Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning, nr. 2, 2021, temanummer «Framtider».
  • Stuvøy, Ingvill (2021): Reproduksjon og sosiologi i grenseland. Hochshilds møte med surrogatimarkedet, Norsk sosiologisk tidsskrift, nr. 1, 2021 (temanummer).
  • Sørsveen, Aurora; Ursin, Marit (2020). Constructions of ‘the ageless’ asylum seekers: An analysis og how age is understood among professionals working within the norwegian immigartion authorities. Children & Society. Vol. 35.

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