International Business and Marketing

Master's degree program, 2 years

International Business and Marketing

– Program components


The Master of Science programme in International Business and Marketing/"Siviløkonom" is a two year programme, which awards a total of 120 ECTS credits, 30 credits per term over four terms.

You can choose between two majors: 

  • International Business
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The information below is valid for the academic year 2020-2021. More information about each course.


The MSc program in International Business and Marketing focuses on themes within international business, marketing, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and digitalization. The program also provides a foundation for work in other sectors. Language is an integral part of the study as courses are taught entirely in English.

The first semester introduces you to core elements of the program through courses in international business, philosophical issues in business related research and the theories behind business economics as well as other introductory courses that provide you with a foundation upon which to pursue later courses and your chosen major. 

In the second semester, you will further build on business research started in the first semester learning about quantitative methods to research business issues. You will also take other courses related to your major. Students are also required to take a course called Experts in Teamwork to develop better teamwork skills, an important ability for business managers to master. This course provides an excellent opportunity to lift your focus and enjoy learning about a topic of interest to you, as the course is actually a collection of different courses you can choose between that differ on focus but teach the same teamwork skills. Experts in Teamwork (EiT) is an obligatory course for all study programs at the second degree (master's) level at NTNU. Courses in English at NTNU in Ålesund can be found here: There are also many courses in English available at our other campuses, though you would be required to travel to take them. 

Most courses are electives in the third semester. However, you will need to choose at least one course from provided options to complete you major. These courses build on the courses you have taken in your first year and will help you prepare for you master's thesis to be completed in the fourth and final semester. The list of available electives may change from year to year, depending on interest and capacity.


In addition to core program courses, you will need to choose a major. We have two majors the reflect the strategic focus of the Department of International Business, International Business and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. You will need to take at least 4 courses (30 ECTS) from your chosen major. 

  • Major in International Business: The major in International Business provides you with deeper knowledge of the issues and challenges of international business through a quantitative focus.
  • Major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship provides you with skills importance in customer-focused innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing are tightly related. We take the view that innovation and entrepreneurship start with understanding customers preferences first and then designing the business and its activities accordingly.


You will write a master’s thesis during your second year of the MSc program. This is your chance to shine by demonstrating the knowledge and competence you’ve gained throughout your two years of study. You will choose a topic early in the third semester and being working on it; completing it in the fourth semester. The thesis should be clearly focused on research related to your chosen major, as it will build on knowledge and skills you obtained throughout the program. You will likely write your thesis along with another student under faculty supervision, though it is also possible to do this individually. You can choose a topic from a list provided by the Department of International Business or of your own choosing within your chosen field of study. The thesis must provide new knowledge and will document that you have gained sufficient competence in analyzing actual research problems. 


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