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PhD candidate Jonas Sunde in the TEM-lab. Photo
PhD candidate Jonas Sunde with the Transmission electron microscope (TEM). Photo: Per Henning/NTNU

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a powerful technique for fundamental and applied research in the physical sciences.

TEM Gemini Centre is working within the fields of materials physics, materials science and metallurgy. We study a broad range of materials on the atomic level and the main tool is the transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

The TEM Gemini Centre is the Trondheim node of NORTEM.

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March 2024: This year, we have 17 proposals for project students in the TEM group from fall 2024! If you are interested, please come talk to us and spread it to others!

January 2024: The TEM Gemini Centre will organize the NordTEMhub Workshop this June! With invited experts and skilled educators in the field, this year’s workshop will focus on how we can analyze (big) data from different 4D-STEM techniques and understand and utilize data from new detectors.  The workshop will cover analysis of several types of 4D-STEM techniques and how to use various open-source scientific Python packages to analyze big datasets. We invite PhD students, postdocs, and researchers to participate!

November 2023: In this year's Norwegian NanoSymposium 2023, the TEM Gemini Group presented two posters by Ursula Ludecker and Kristian Tveitstøl! Well done!

Kristian and Ursula at Nanosymposium 2023

August 2023: This year we have added a new PhD student in the group: Kristian Tveitstøl! We wish you very much welcome to our group!

August 2023: The TEM Gemini Centre is offering an intensive TEM introduction course in September for MSc and PhD students who are starting out with TEM! Deadline for registration is the 21st of August. Moreover, this fall the PhD course FY8102 Electron microscopy and diffraction will also be offered! Click here for more information on both courses.

July 2023: This month several current and previous TEM Gemini Centre people went to Microscopy and Microanalysis 2023 in Minneapolis to present talks and posters. Two of the poster prizes went to PhD candidates at TEM Gemini Centre! Congratulations to Sivert Dagenborg and Marthe Linnerud!

Group photo of participants at M&M 2023.

Sivert Dagenborg and Marthe Linnerud receiving poster prizes at M&M 2023.

April 2023: Representatives from NTNU, SINTEF and Hydro visited Japan in connection to the INTPART project. The visit encompassed a visit to several universities in Japan and visits to JEOL and Toyo Aluminium K.K. A 2-day workshop for INTPART partners at Tokyo Institute of Technology was also organised. Thank you very much to all participants!

Group photo of participants in INTPART workshop Tokyo, 2023.

News archive

News archive

March 2023: We have 16 proposals for project students in the TEM group from fall 2023! Come talk to us and spread it to others who are interested!

March 2023: 2022 Annual report available!

March 2023: In connection to the INTPART project with Japanese Universities and industry, 12 people from NTNU, SINTEF and Hydro will go to Japan just after Easter. In addition to visits to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu Universities, we will also arrange a workshop at Tokyo Institute of Technology 14-15 April. This will be a workshop on aluminium alloys, transmission electron microscopy and microstructure - with 35 participants from the INTPART partners, including from the Japanese aluminium industry. The trip also involves visits to the JEOL and Toyo Aluminium K.K. plants.

October 2022: We have 3 students from Japan visiting! Yasuhito Kawahara from Kyushu University and Yuki Tomida and Yujin Rhee from Tokyo Institute of Technology have already been at Hydro Sunndalsøra for a month internship, and will now stay with the TEM Gemini Centre in Trondheim for 2-5 months. They are working on their PhDs (and Master) thesis on aluminium alloys in Japan and have brought their samples here to study them in the TEM. They are here in connection to the INTPART project we have on aluminium precipitation with Japanese universities and Norwegian and Japanese aluminium companies. Welcome to Yasuhito, Yujin and Yuki! We hope you will enjoy Trondheim and Norway!

Photo of three guest researchers from Japan

September 2022: Elisabeth Thronsen had her PhD defense Thursday 29th September 2022. The title of her thesis was “The effect of natural ageing on clustering and precipitation in heat-treatable aluminium alloys”. Her opponents were Prof. Stefan Pogatscher, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria and Prof. Joke Hadermann, Department of Physics, University in Antwerp, Belgium with administrator Assoc. Prof. Paraskevas Kontis, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, NTNU. Congratulations to Elisabeth! You did a great job! And fortunately she is continuing in the group as a SINTEF researcher!

Elisabeth Thronsen at her defence with opponents and administrator. Photo

September 2022: Participation at Researchers Night has become a tradition for the TEM group – and this year was not an exception! A stand with live session from the ARM and guided tours on the 2100F were enthusiastically done and many high school students learned about TEM!

Instructors and participants at 2022 Researchers Night at NTNU.

September 2022: The four Kavli Laureates for nanoscience in 2020 (Harald Rose, Knut Urban, Max Haider and Ondrej Krivanek) were awarded their prize from the King of Norway in Oslo last week. They came to Trondheim Wednesday evening, gave interviews on Thursday and gave talks in NTNU Nanolabs seminar on Friday. The laureates agreed to stay one day extra in Trondheim to visit the TEM Gemini Centre, and on Saturday they got a guided tour of the NORTEM Trondheim node and participated in a mini seminar with the members in the TEM Gemini Centre at NTNU and SINTEF. In the evening we had a tour, concert and dinner at Ringve Music Museum. We congratulate the laureates and are really happy that they came to Trondheim and had time to visit us! Pictures below taken by Inger-Emma Nylund.

Antonius van Helvoort with Kavli Laureates in TEM-lab 2020 Kavli Prize Laureates and TEM Gemini Centre Antonius van Helvoort with Kavli Laureates in Realfagbygget

August 2022: We have a new PhD student in the group: Marthe Linnerud! Welcome from all of us!

August 2022: Kavli prize winners to Trondheim. The Kavli prize for 2020 was awarded to four recipients for the development of aberration corrected TEM. After the award ceremony in Oslo, they will come to Trondheim from the 7th to the 11th of September. The program can be found here.  On Saturday 11th September they will visit the TEM Gemini Centre. The blog about the prize written in 2020 (in Norwegian).

July 2022: The TEM Gemini Centre organised the ESTEEM3 Workshop 2022, Electron diffraction for solving engineering problems, 21-23 June with 26 participants from 8 different countries – in addition to 4 invited speakers from abroad. Lectures were held by Paul Midgley, Stefan Zaefferer, Tina Bergh and Magnus Nord. Topics included Introduction to electron diffraction in the (S)TEM, EBSD and orientation microscopy. Coding and microscopy labs were organized by locals and others (Magnus K Nord, Håkon Wiik Ånes, Shao-Pu Tsai, Joonatan Laulainen, Emil F Christiansen, Gregory Nordahl, Dipanwita Chatterjee, Joseph V Broussard), encompassing use of HyperSpy, pyxem and kikuchipy with Python coding on own computers and open-source software/GitHub.

Group photo of ESTEEM3 2022 participants and organizers.

June 2022: We at the TEM Gemini Centre wish all participants welcome to the ESTEEM3 Workshop 2022 later this month!

March 2022: We have 14 proposals for project students in the TEM group from fall 2022! Come talk to us and spread it to others who are interested!

February 2022: 2021 Annual report available!

February 2022: The TEM Gemini Centre will organize ESTEEM3 Workshop 2022 this June! This year the focus will be on how we can use electron diffraction in TEM and SEM, how to deal with "real" materials, the possibilities given by better cameras, and post processing and data analysis on how to get the most out of your results. We invite PhD students, postdocs, and researchers working with TEM and SEM in the physical sciences to participate!

January 2022: Hooray! The NORTEM II project has received a grant from the Research Council of Norway (RCN)! Here is a link to the Council's grants (in Norwegian). There have been some considerable cutbacks in the amount, but we are invited for further negotiations with the RCN in March. Thank you so much to the Research Council of Norway!

August 2021: We have three new PhD students in the group! Sivert DagenborgOskar Ryggetangen and Tor Inge Thorsen. Welcome to all of you! 

June 2021: We organised through NordTEMHub a very successful online workshop 21-23. June on Open Source analysis of TEM data. Around 200 participants and lectures by Magnus Nord, Colin Ophus and Katherine MacArthur! Thanks to speakers and participants! 

April 2021: See the Gemini article about clusters in Al

April 2021: Annual report ready! 

April 2021: We will organise a digital workshop on Open source analysis of TEM data 21.-23 June this year! See detailsSpread the news! Or register yourself! 

March 2021: We have now posted new project and Master topics for the TEM Gemini Centre - We offer 16 different topics - a big variety of interesting problems connected to TEM  - from more metallurgical issues(Aluminium and nitrides) via nanowires,  magnetic materials, catalysis, geology ...  - to more technique and method developments, programming and theoretical simulations - Take a look here: 16 project proposal from the TEM Gemini Centre -  Also come and talk to us and spread this to people you know might be interested! 

December 2020: Happy day for the TEM Gemini Centre! Magnus Nord got  a young talented researcher project In-situ correlated nanoscale imaging of magnetic fields in functional materials and Sigmund Andersen got a research project called Quasicrystal nucleation in a metallic matrix. Congratulations to both of you!! :-)

November 2020: Emil Christiansen was awarded an Early Career Researcher Awards at the virtual conference International Conference of Aluminium Alloys (ICAA-17), held 26-29 October 2020. CCA and gave a plenary presentation at the conference. CASA wrote about this here: CASA Newsletter

October 2020: Two new PhD students started at the TEM Gemini Centre this fall. These are Jørgen Sørhaug and Gregory Nordahl. This is good, since three PhDs finished in August-September. These were Jonas K. SundeAdrian Lervik and Aleksander B. Mosberg

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May 2020: Kavli prize to electron microscopy! Randi wrote a blog post

April 2020: University Hub from NORDFORSK granted! (with 7 Nordic TEM labs (Lindköping, Chalmers, Stockholm, DTU, Alto, UiO and NTNU)  More to come!  

April 2020: Magnus Nord started as an associate professor in our group! 

March 2020: Annual report for 2019 available (PDF)

March 2020: New project students are welcome to join the TEM group from fall 2020! 



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