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Welcome to the information page for students at the Department of Geography.  Each study programme have their own page.

The Department of Geography offers the following programs taught in English:

For Norwegian and Nordic speaking students we also offer these programmes:



Important messages

Apply for a study carrel

All master`s students at Dragvoll can apply for a study carrel through our application form:


-Autumn: August 25, 11:59 pm

-Spring: January 25, 11:59 pm

GIS courses

Many students are interested in our GIS courses. Here is an overview:

  •  GEOG2009 Vector Based GIS (7,5 ECTS) lectured spring 2016. The course will be lectured next study year 2016/2017 in autumn 2016.
  • GEOG3524 Raster Based GIS (7,5 ECTS) lectured spring 2016. Required previous knowledge: GEOG2009.
  • GEOG3523 GIS Data Capture and Mapping (7,5 ECTS). Lectured autumn 2015. Required previous knowledge: GEOG2009.

The courses are entirely taught in English.

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Student advisors

Anette Knutsen Phone. 73 59 16 36

- MSc in Natural Resources Management, specialising in Geography
- MPhil in Developement Studies, specialising in  geography
- MSc in Globalization: Transnationalism and Culture
- Five Year Teaching Programme in Geography


Per Ivar Chutko Phone. 73 59 18 76
- One Year Programme-, Bachelor- and Master of Science in Geography
- Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Society