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Democracy and Citizenship in Education – DACED

Torchlight procession. Photo.

Democracies are experiencing a decline in trust and participation – and being taken for granted by many citizens. At the same time citizenship, which defines citizens’ belonging and their rights and responsibilities, has become one of the most contested and rapidly developing fields of politics in most countries. The ongoing developments challenge democracy and citizenship education in schools, universities and as a field of research.
The DACED research group is responding to these rapid developments and challenges through scientific collaboration with active researchers who focus on democracy and citizenship in education. The group is based at NTNU's Department of Teacher Education, but invites scholars researching this field to join us. We are striving to expand national and international collaboration. The research group offers a platform for bringing together researchers in order to build networks, share and develop projects, as well as to support and initiate new projects. We particularly invite young scholars.

Aims and activities

  • Promote research in the field of democracy and citizenship in education.
  • Group seminars
  • International conference participation
  • Project collaboration

Members of research group