MiU: Music Pedagogy in Development

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MiU: Music Pedagogy in Development

The research network MiU («Musikkpedagogikk i Utvikling») is concerned with music pedagogical education and research, in a broad sense. The acronym MiU stands for Music Pedagogy in Development.

The research network MiU consists of researchers in various types of music education, music teacher education and in teacher education with music as one of several subjects in Mid-Norway, from NTNU, Department of Teacher Education and Department of Music, from Queen Maud University of Early Childhood Education (QMEC) and from Nord University.

Together, MiU includes several research groups, several doctoral projects in process and many research projects at senior level. Around 60 scholars are part of the network, this includes researchers at assistant and associate professor level as well as full professors. MiU collaborates with diverse research groups at each of the four institutions.

MiU has initiated the new scholarly publication series MusPed:Research, which publishes anthologies and monographs on relevant topics for music pedagogical education and research.

MusPed: Research-anthologies, published and in process

  • Music Technology in Education – Channeling and Challenging Perspectives. Editors: Øyvind Johan Eiksund, Elin Angelo & Jens Knigge. The work with this anthology has been organized through the research group, MusTed: Music technology in didactic practice lead by Øyvind Johan Eiksund.
  • Higher Education as Context for Music Pedagogy Research (jan 2021). Editors: Elin Angelo, Jens Knigge, Morten Sæther og Wenche Waagen.
  • Arts Education – Tensions, Quality and Cooperation (may 2021). Editors: Bjørn Terje Bandlien, ElinAngelo, Ingvild Olsen Olaussen & Mari-Ann Letnes. The work with this anthology has been organized through the research group KiS: Kunstutdanning i samarbeid, lead by Bjørn-Terje Bandlien.
  • Views on Early Music as Representation—Invitations, Congruity, Performance (fall 2021). Editors: Robin Rolfhamre & Elin Angelo. The work with this anthology has been organized through the research group REMP: Reconfiguring Early Modern Performance (UiA), lead by Robin Rolfhamre.
  • Samsang gjennom livsløpet (2022). Editors: Regine Vesterlid Strøm & Øyvind Johan Eiksund

The development of the network was supported by the Department of Teacher Education and the Department of Music at NTNU, Nord University and QMEC.


Members of research group

External members of research group

External members of research group

  • Assistant Professor Hanne Bæverfjord, Queen Maud University College
  • Assistant Professor Bjørg Solveig Fretheim, Nord University
  • PhD candidate Mali Haugen, Tynset municipality/University of Agder
  • Associate Professor Sunniva Skjøstad Hovde, Queen Maud University College
  • Assistant Professor Runa Hestad Jenssen, Nord University
  • PhD candidate Solveig Kolaas, Nord University
  • Assistant Professor Thomas Nguyen, Queen Maud University College
  • Associate Professor Regine Vesterlid Strøm, Nord University
  • Associate Professor Roy Waade, Nord University
  • PhD candidate Ola Buan Øien, Nord University