CT laboratory


CT laboratory

Industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning is used to inspect internal material quality. In addition our CT scanner can also be used for geometry measurements in line with a coordinate measuring machine.

The CT scanner is part of MANULAB, the national manufacturing research infrastructure.

Picture of CT scan
Foto: Espen Taftø Vestad/NTNU

Access and opening hours

MANULAB is open for all researchers including industry, although the latter is limited by the ESA regulations. 

The laboratories can be used by students at the bachelor, master and PhD level, in addition to researchers, for both teaching, study projects and research. 

The laboratories are available by appointment. 

What can you do

Using x-rays, three-dimensional representations of the scanned object are produced, both internally and externally.

CT scanning is used for detection and analysis of components and products for industry and research. Examples include finding pores in the material, density and deviations in geometry.

It can also be used for analysis of composite products and reverse engineering.

Training and security

Users must have completed an HSE e-learning course, and received training before use.

Equipment and materials

Supplier of industrial X-ray computed tomography: Zeiss

Watch video of Zeiss Metrotom 1500:


The laboratory belongs to MANULAB, a national infrastructure for basic research on manufacturing engineering.

Innovation and entrepreneurship


Where is the laboratory?

Where is the laboratory?



Kenneth Kalvåg
Staff Engineer