Wireless laboratory


Wireless laboratory

The Wireless Technology Laboratory researches on wireless sensor systems and wireless industrial communication.

"Smart Wireless Systems" is an established research field at the institute. This is also a field of great relevance for a more efficient organization and management of modern industrial processes. In the future, communications in factories will often be seamless and wireless, enabling employees to interact more efficiently with intelligent production equipment.

Our Learning Factory has machine vision technology and sensors and sensor technology, and in the laboratory we work especially with wireless communication of sensor signals and signal processing and sensor fusion.

The laboratory belongs to MANULAB, a national infrastructure for basic research on manufacturing engineering.

Wireless technology
Photo: Espen Taftø Vestad/NTNU

Access and opening hours

MANULAB is open for all researchers including industry, although the latter is limited by the ESA regulations. 

The laboratories can be used by students at the bachelor, master and PhD level, in addition to researchers, for both teaching, study projects and research. 

The laboratories are available by appointment. 

What can you do

The Learning Factory is used for education and research in Industry 4.0. The factory is a full-scale simulator of a real industrial production with conveyor belts, robots, machining, autonomous transport units and automatic bearings. There are a large number of built-in sensors and associated software for simulation, planning, analysis, and data capture (ERP, MES, robotic programming, PLC programming and material flow analysis). It is also adapted for AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality).

We use this equipment for research on Industry 4.0 as a system, and the interaction between operators, software and machines. We use this equipment in several of our courses at master and bachelor level.

Equipment and materials


Training and security

Users must have completed an HSE e-learning course, and received training before use.


The laboratory belongs to MANULAB, a national infrastructure for basic research on manufacturing engineering.

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Where is the laboratory?

Where is the laboratory?



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