National research centres

National research centres

Research groups of excellent quality can be given the status of National research centres by The Research Council of Norway in order to stimulate their progress and impact on society. There are three different types of centres, and these are the ones NTNU Oceans is involved in:

 Centres of Excellence (SFF): gives Norway’s best scientists the opportunity to organize their research in centres to reach ambitious scientific goals through collaboration and long-term basic funding.

NTNU is leading NTNU AMOS


Centres of Research-based Innovation (SFI): build up and strengthen research groups that work in close collaboration with partners from innovative industry and public enterprises. 


NTNU is involved in CASACtrlAQUAEXPOSEDSmart Maritime

 Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME): time-limited research centres which conduct concentrated, focused and long-term research of high international calibre in order to solve specific challenges in the field.

NTNU is involved in NOWITECH

Centres for Excellence in Education Initiative (SFU): academic communities that have already demonstrated excellent quality and innovative practices in education and that have plans in place for further development and innovation. 

NTNU is leading ENgage and ExcITEd

Other centres:

Centre for Digital Life Norway: National centre for biotechnology research and innovation.