NTNU Oceans Pilot on Arctic marine environment

- project addressing Risk, Reliability and Ice data in the Arctic marine environment

Data and knowledge about the marine environment in arctic regions are lacking. How then to achieve a sufficient safety level for humans and the environment at an acceptable cost? Through multidisciplinary research, combining expertise in civil, marine, cybernetics, remote sensing, mechanical, statistics, economy, management, and history, science based tools for rational design of risk and safety in the Arctic Marine and Coastal environment are to be developed. Typical end-users are shipping companies, local communities, oil companies, regulatory bodies, consultants and construction companies.

Head of Pilot programme: Professor Knut Høyland

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Projects at NTNU: 

  • Reliability methods and long term ice data
  • Operations, real time surveillance and communication
  • Arctic transport
  • Coastal infrastructure in a changing climate
  • Oil spill in Arctic marine environment
  • Risk, management
  • Historical perspective - coastal / offshore sites of Cultural or Natural heritages

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Knowledge Areas

  • Polar resources
  • Cooperative marine operations
  • Ice monitoring and management
  • Robust structures and processing technology
  • Safety, risk management, ethics and politics
  • Biogeochemical processes