Bionanotechnology is a branch of nanotechnology which uses biological starting materials, utilises biological design or fabrication principles or is applied in medicine or biotechnology.

Bionanotechnology has become an exciting field of research and an area of technology development, especially since the length scale nanotechnology can access coincides with the length scale of basic biological structures and fundamental biological components. The Bionanotechnology group at NTNU was started in 2006 as part of the NTNU NanoLab initiative. The research team is part of the  Division of Biophysics at Department of Physics. The group is working in the field of biomaterials and application of nanotechnology and nanostructured surfaces for biophysics and cell biology research. In our research we extensively use the NTNU Nanolab, both for the characterisation of biomaterials as well as for the development of new nanotechnology based devices.

Coloured water droplets on a dimpled superhydrophobic surface and closeup of the droplet-wire interface

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