Program and presentations

Program and presentations


Day 1


Day 1 – Thursday 6 September


Opening statement by the Symposium Chair
Bjørn Andersen, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Updates on Project Governance in Norway
Ingvild Melvær Hanssen, Chair, Concept Research Program, Chief Specialist, Ministry of Finance, Norway


Updates on Governance Research in Norway
Gro Holst Volden, Research Director, Concept Research Program, Norway
Knut Samset, Professor, NTNU and Program Director, Concept Research Program, Norway


Project Governance in UK Defence Acquisition – Still trying to 'Get There'
Liz Lee-Kelley, Visiting Fellow, Cranfield University, United Kingdom


The Ministry as Project Owner – Value for money or Higher risk? 
Thor Arne Aass, Director General, Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Norway


Session 1

Trends, Visions and Emerging Paradigm Shifts
Chair: Heidi Bull-Berg
Research Manager, SINTEF

Session 2

Strategic Project Success
Chair: Gro Holst Volden
Research Director, Concept

Session 3

Early Estimation and Cost Management
Chair: Hilde Aspenberg Jordal
Researcher, Concept


Opportunities in a Circular (Industrial) Economy & Performance Economy
Walter R. Stahel, Visiting Professor, University of Surrey, Switzerland

The Symbolic Value of Megaprojects
Alfons H. van Marrevijk, Professor Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands

Cost Escalation before the Formal Decision to Build
Morten Welde, Senior Researcher
Concept Research Program, Norway



Digitalisation and Consumer Demand – the Empirical Evidence
Andreas Löschel, Professor of Economics, University of Münster, Germany

Insights from the British Government’s Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP)
Tom Tolfree, Chief Economist
Infrastructure and Projects Authority, United Kingdom

Designing to Cost in Built Environment Projects
Herman Glenn Ballard, Research Director, Project Production Systems Laboratory, University of California Berkeley, USA


Trends and Paradigm Shifts in the Age of Disruptions
Knut Samset, Professor, NTNU and Program Director, Concept, Norway

Project Value Creation in a Public Setting
Markus Laursen, External Lecturer, Aarhus University, Denmark

How to avoid Scandalous Cost Growth?
Stein Berntsen, Managing Director, Dovre Group Consulting AS, Norway


Realizing Value from the Digital Transition
Anne Marte Sand Haarberg
Program Assurance and Risk Manager
DNV GL, Norway

Neglected and Underestimated Impact of Transport Investments
Petter Næss, Professor, Norwegian
University of Life Sciences, Norway

Cost Estimation in Equinor; Adapting to Markets in Change
Øystein Holth, Manager Estimation
Equinor, Norway


Hyperloop – How could it Impact the Society
Mika Vilhelm Mannervesi, Director, City Development Services, City of Salo Finland

How can we use Cost‐Benefit Analysis to select the Right Projects?
Nina Kristine Fossen, Senior Economist, Oslo Economics, Norway

Inaccurate Cost Forecasts: Development of Costs over Time
Chantal Cantarelli, Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Sheffield University Management School, United Kingdom



Day 2


Day 2 – Friday 7 September


Session 4

Project Evaluation Ex-ante and Ex-post
Chair: Morten Welde
Senior Researcher, Concept

Session 5

Project Implementation Strategies
Chair: Ola Lædre
Associate Professor, NTNU

Session 6

Priorities, Preferences and Decision-making
Chair: Håkon Finne
Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF


Cost-Benefit Analysis in the Netherlands – Application and Use of Results
Bert van Wee, Professor
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands

Cost Management in Business Contracts
Olav Torp, Associate Professor
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Prioritisation at Programme and Portfolio level in the UK
Geraldine Barker, Director Project Delivery, National Audit office, UK


The What Works Network: Increasing the Use of Evidence Based Policy Making
Mihiri Yasmin Seneviratne, Senior Policy Advisor, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom

Contracts in Public Construction Projects Compatible with Market Demands and Competition
Julie Brodtkorb, CEO
Norwegian Association of Heavy Equipment Contractors, Norway

Regional Victories or National Success? Building roads across Norway
Elin Kverneggen, VP Project Advisory and Analysis,
Holte Consulting, Norway


Ex post Evaluation of Large Public Projects – Experiences from Norway
Gro Holst Volden, Research Director, Concept Research Program, Norway

Contract Strategies Road and Rail – Similarities and Differences Norway and Sweden
Simen Olstad, Partner, Concreto, Norway

How are Experts’ Uncertainty Intervals Perceived by Non-experts?
Karl-Halvor Teigen, Professor emeritus, University of Oslo and Simula Research Laboratory, Norway


Governing a Mega IT-project for the Norwegian Department of Social Security (NAV)
Øyvind Tendal, Consulting director, Metier OEC, Norway

How Contract Strategies Impact Project Success
W. Edward Back, Professor and Department Head, University of Alabama, USA

Obstacles to Efficient Decisions
Hilde Singsaas, Director General Government Agency for Financial Management, Norway


Symposium Knowledge Retention Assessment 
Bjørn Andersen, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Lessons from Research and Management of Polar Bears in the Extreme North
Thor Larsen, Dr. Philos, Researcher, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway


Electrification of Aviation and its Impact on National Transport
Dag Falk-Petersen, CEO, Avinor, Norway


The front-end of Projects – Structuring using a PMI literature survey
Terry Williams, Director, Risk Institute, University of Hull, United Kingdom


Summary Remarks and Closing Statement
Gro Holst Volden, Research Director, Concept Research Program, Norway