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Main research areas

Smart Grid: Modeling and Stability Analysis of Power Electronics Systems

 AC power electronics system is a relatively new development whose non-linear dynamics and broadband control in interaction with the electrical grid can bring potential incompatibility leading to instability. With the proliferation of distributed energy resources, micro-and smart grids, the largely electromechanical power system that we know today is being transformed into a large AC power electronics system. This brings fundamental changes with a profound impact on grid characteristics and stability requiring a new paradigm in system analysis and control. Instability derived from converter control-grid interaction, and constant power behavior has recently been identified, but the fundamental mechanism behind the interactions and the extent to which these interactions can affect the stable operation of the electrical grid, are scarcely understood. Classical stability analysis methods are not able to deal with the wide range of problems. A general stability analysis method to deal with these new and complex dynamic interactions is not known today.

In this newly started research area, I will attempt to combine non-linear methods with simulation and experimental techniques to develop a general system-level methodology and tools to analyze and predict the instability of AC power electronics systems.

Specifically I will determine:

  • the nature and the range of influence of power electronics control in the stability of the electrical grid,
  • the effect of non sinusoidal supply on the instability related to power electronics,
  • causal relationship between power electronics control algorithm and grid stability to establish design guidelines for system stability.

Understanding these phenomena will allow diagnosing system condition by the developed tool, thus being able to prevent system outage to avoid interruption of one of society's main economic driving forces: electricity. In other words, this will mean a fundamental step towards a minimum-outage system planning for the future development of smart grids.

Renewable Energy: Grid integration of renewable energy sources through power electronics couplings

The current trend of massive integration of renewable energy sources in the electricity grid poses new technological and research challenges that are addressed in this area of my research activities.

Research efforts are dedicated to:

  • Power electronics role in the integration of wind, solar and ocean wave power.
  • Energy storage in the integration of wind and wave energy parks.
  • Offshore AC and DC grid infrastructure for the integration of large scale wind and wave power.

Sustainable Energy Supply: Developments projects in developing countries

This area of my activities is dedicated to the realization of development projects to provide access to energy in a sustainable and reliable way in isolated regions of developing countries. This activity is done in collaboration with Engineers Withour Borders Norway, the non-profit organisation Renewable Energy for Peace (ren-PEACE), and several supporting industries and partners.

A Master project is going to start in August 2012 on the topic "Sustainable Energy Supply in Nicaragua"

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