Background and activities


Research interests:

Starting in 2015 and after 12 years of working on the stability of power electronics systems, I have gradually expanded my research area into non-linear and non-stationary signal analysis, from the domain of harmonics in power systems into the domain of biological systems, specifically EEG signals. For that purpose, my group is now developing computational models of the human brain for solving the EEG inverse problem and generic platforms for non-linear and non-stationary signals analysis suitable for both physical and biological systems (electrical grids, EEG signals). The initial steps of this research were demonstrated through the translation of brain signals into commands for the actuation of drones resorting to the motor imagery signals from the scalp, as shown in this NRK video. The long- term goal of the research is to contribute with a better understanding of the properties of electrical signals in the following two domains:

1. The brain electrical signals: to better understand the mechanism of cognitive functions to advance our ability to   inteface technology with biological environments in order to: 

  • Identify new biomarkers from EEG signals and open entire new fields for disease preventioin and early therapeutic interventions

  • Revolutionize industrial domains such as authetication and access control systems, subject and sex identification, brain contolled appliances for home automation and continuous monitoring of high-risk population (elderly)

2. The electricity grid: that is undergoing changes in the periodic nature of their signals due to the complexification in its topologies in conjunction with new non-linear components being introduced in large numbers

In particular, I am interested in understanding the mechanism of synchronisation in these two different worlds. I am project manager for the David & Goliath project. 

Some of our group most exciting experiments are described in this link.



2015 to date, TTK4240 Industrial Electrotechnics, developed the curriculum and teaches the course

2016 to date, TTK7 Adaptive Data Analysis: Theory and Applications, developed the curriculum and teaches the course

2009 - 2013,  ET8304 Power Theories and Compensation with Power Electronics, developed the curriculum and teached the course

2008 - 2013,  ELK23 Power Electronics for Power Systems, developed the curriculum and teached the course


Current PhD students and Postdocs: 

Graduated PhDs and Postdocs, main supervision:

  • Atle Rygg (2015-2018): Impedance-based Methods for Small-signal Analysis of Power Electronics Dominated Systems.
  • Mohammad Amin (2013-2017): Small-signal Stability Characterization of Interaction Phenomena between HVDC System and Wind Farms.
  • Paula Garcia-Rosa (2016-2017): Hilbert-Huang transform (HHT)-based estimation of the instantaneous frequency of sea waves for wave energy control purposes (Postdoc).
  • Jinghong Liu (2017-2018): Modeling and Stability Analysis of Digitally Controlled Grid-Connected Power Electronics Systems (visiting PhD from Chongqing University).
  • Mehdi Zadeh (2011-2015): Stability Analysis Methods and Tools for Power Electronics- Based DC Distribution Systems, Applicable to On-Board Electric Power Systems and Smart Microgrids.
  • Santiago Sanchez (2011-2015): Stability Investigation of Power Electronics Systems: A Microgrid Case.
  • Gilbert Bergna-Diaz (2012-2015): Modular Multilevel Converter Control for HVDC Operation: Optimal Shaping of the Circulating Current Signal for Internal Energy Regulation (PhD in Cotutelle with Supelec).
  • Rene Barrera Cardenas (2011-2015): Meta-parametrised meta-modelling approach for optimal design of power electronics conversion systems: Application to offshore wind energy.
  • Jonas Bakken (2011-2015): Marine renewable energy conversion: Grid and off-grid modeling, design and operation.
  • Natalie Holtsmark (2010-2014): Investigation of the Matrix Converter in a DC Series-Connected Wind Farm: Modulation, Control and Efficiency.
  • Nadeem Jelani (2010-2014): Investigating the Role of Active Loads in the Future Electrical Grid Dominated by Power Electronics.
  • Muhammad Jafar (2008-2012): Transformer-Less Series Compensation of Line-Commutated Converters for Integration of Offshore Wind Power.
  • Alejandro Garces (2008-2012): Design, Operation and Control of Series-Connected Power Converters for Offshore Wind Parks.
  • Maximiliano Bueno-Lopez (2017-2018): Hilbert Huang Transform for EEG Signal Analysis and Power Quality in systems with High-PV penetration (ERCIM Postdoc).
  • Noe Barrera Gallegos (2017-2018): Synchronization Properties of Voltage Source Converters when seen as Coupled Oscillators (ERCIM Postdoc).
  • Jing Lyu (2016-2017): Development of general system-level methodology and tools to analyze and predict the instability of AC power electronics systems (ERCIM Postdoc).
  • Elisabetta Tedeschi (2009-2011): Design and Control of Energy Conversion Systems for the Integration of Offshore Renewable Energy Sources into the Electric Grid (Postdoc).

Graduated PhDs, co-supervision: 

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