Environment, Sustainability and Governance

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Environment, Sustainability and Governance

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About us

About us

“Environment, Sustainability and Governance” is an interdisciplinary research group focused on the relationship between nature and society, addressing such issues as sustainable development, energy policies, environmental politics, and governance systems. 

Our research and teaching examine the many dilemmas and tradeoffs related to economic, political and social wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet and ecosystems. For example, how does our need for more energy and food impact climate change, and in turn, how is climate change affecting eco-system services that enhance human wellbeing? What are the political, economic and social solutions for mitigating climate harming human impacts?

Our research is particularly focused on how governance systems might more efficiently address sustainable development that protects social and biophysical environments for the health and wellbeing of the present and future generations. 

The group members are involved in multiple research activities and networks related to the environment, sustainability and governance. We are always alert to new ways into our subject-matter and disciplinary parallels that can engage policy stakeholders outside academia.

Tema: Environment, Sustainability and Governance


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NTNU Oceans. Contact person: Jennifer Bailey

NTNU Energy's Team Society. Contact person: Sigurd Lundheim

NTRANS. Contact person: Espen Moe

NTNU Food Forum. Contact person: Hilde Bjørkhaug