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The SFU initiative represents a focused and long-term effort in order to stimulate the development of education and innovative approaches in higher education at the bachelor and master levels.

The ambition of the initiative is to contribute to the development of excellent quality in higher education and to highlight the fact that teaching and research are equally important activities for universities and university colleges.


Strategic priority areas for education

Strategic priority areas for education

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Programmes of study

Programmes of study

We offer programmes of study for the future. We offer bachelor, master and PhD degrees in our areas of expertice.

For Upper Secondary School Students
Programme of study Degree Years Campus
Automation and Intelligent Systems Bachelor (engineer) 3 Ålesund
Communication Technology and Digial Security Master (sivilingeniør) 5 Trondheim
Computer Science Master (sivilingeniør) 5 Trondheim
Computer Science Bachelor (engineer) 3 Trondheim, Gjøvik, Ålesund
Cybernetics and Robotics Master (sivilingeniør) 5 Trondheim
Digital Business Development Bachelor 3 Trondheim
Digital Infrastructure and Cyber Security Bachelor 3 Trondheim, Gjøvik
Electrification and Digitalisation Bachelor 3 Trondheim
Electrical Engineering Bachelor (engineer) 3 Trondheim, Gjøvik
Electronics Systems Design and Innovation  Master (sivilingeniør) 5 Trondheim
Energy and Environmental Engineering Master (sivilingeniør) 5 Trondheim
Informatics Bachelor 3 Trondheim
Information Technology Bachelor 3  
Mathematical Sciences Bachelor 3 Trondheim
Mathematical Sciences   1 Trondheim
Natural Science with Teacher Education Master 5 Trondheim
Preparatory course for engineering   1 Ålesund
Preparatory course for engineering   1 Trondheim
Programming Bachelor 3 Gjøvik


For Bachelor Students
Programme of study Degree Years Campus
Applied Computer Science Master 2 Gjøvik
Colour in Science and Industry (COSI) Master (Erasmus Mundus) 2 Gjøvik
Communication Technology Master 2 Trondheim
Computational Colour and Spectral Imaging Master (Erasmus Mundus) 2 Gjøvik
Computer Science Master (sivilingeniør) 2 Trondheim
Cybernetics and Robotics Master (sivilingeniør) 2 Trondheim
Digital Collaboration Master 2 Trondheim
Electric Power Engineering Master 2 Trondheim
Electronic Systems Design Master  2 Trondheim
Embedded Computing Systems Master (Erasmus Mundus) 2 Trondheim
Energy and the Environment Master (sivilingeniør) 2 Trondheim
Health Informatics Master (EVU) 2 Trondheim
Industrial Cybernetics Master (sivilingeniør) 2 Trondheim
Informatics Master 2 Trondheim
Information Security Master (EVU) 3 Gjøvik
Information Security Master 2 Gjøvik
Mathematical Sciences Master 2 Trondheim
Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment Master (Erasmus Mundus) 2 Trondheim
Security and Cloud Computing Master (Erasmus Mundus) 2 Trondheim
Simulation and Visualization Master 2 Ålesund
Wind Energy Master (Erasmus Mundus) 2 Trondheim
Supplementary Education in Science and Tecknology for Refugees   1 Trondheim


Information Security and Communication Technology

For Master Students
Programme of study Degree Years Campus
Computer Science PhD 3 Trondheim, Gjøvik
Electric Power Engineering PhD 3 Trondheim
Electronics and Telecommunication PhD 3 Trondheim, Gjøvik
Engineering Cybernetics PhD 3 Trondheim
Information Security and Communication Technology PhD 3 Trondheim, Gjøvik
Mathematical Sciences PhD 3 Trondheim
Medical Technology (cross disiplinary) PhD 3 Trondheim


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