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Bodily Learning

About the research network

This research network was established due to an interest in how the body is involved in learning processes. A short definition of bodily learning is that learning occurs in, and between, human and non-human bodies in social as well as spatial realities. Bodily learning takes place through gross motor movements, as well as through micro-movements, affects and intensities inside and between bodies. How the body is involved in all learning still needs to be thematized, investigated and theorized. A central impulse for the research network is that bodily learning challenges dominating learning theory and can contribute to extending and rearticulating learning theories.

Research network milestones

Start-up-seminar (2018)

The research network was formally established with a start-up-seminar 2 November 2018 at Department for Teacher Education, NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology in the city of Trondheim, Norway.

Keynote speaker was Professor Gunn Engelsrud.

Gunn Engelsrud. Photo
The research network was launched by Professor Gunn Engelsrud

Water competence seminar (2019)

A water competence seminar was arranged by the research network on 13 June 13 2019. The seminar took place on land and in water around the river Nidelva, which floats through the city of Trondheim, close to NTNU’s campus for teacher education.

The seminar was hosted by Assoiciate Professor Egil G. Gjølme and Assistant Professor Jon Sundan. 

Keynote speakers were Professor Robert Stallman and Professor Tone Pernille Østern.

People in the water. Learning about water competence. Photo
Water competence is being developed in the river of Nidelva. Photo: Thomas Høstad/NTNU

The mini-conference Bodily learning (2019)

The mini-conference was arranged by the research network at NTNU, Campus Kalvskinnet, Department for Teacher Education, with Tone Pernille Østern, Øyvind Bjerke and Anne Grut Sørum as hosts. The conference was free and open for all, also for those not belonging to the network.

The mini-conference started with an artistic event with Jon Bojer Godal, a craftsman who has worked especially with the material wood through a long life.

Jon Godal jobber med et stort stykke trearbeid i et klasserom. Mange fliser på gulvet. Photo
Craftsman Jon Bojer Godal demonstrates his bodily knowledge.

Keynote speakers were Keith Davids (Sheffield Hallam University, UK), Eeva Anttila (UniArts Helsinki, FI), and Biljana Fredriksen (University of South-East Norway, NO)

The peer-reviewed edited book Kroppslig læring – perspektiver og praksiser (in English: Bodily learning – perspectives and practices) (2021)

The peer-reviewed edited book Kroppslig læring– perspektiver and practices in Norwegian was published by Universitetsforlaget in 2021. The book consists of 20 chapters written by 31 authors mainly from teacher education contexts in Norway, Finland and New Zealand. Editors of the book are Tone Pernille Østern, Øyvind Bjerke, Gunn Engelsrud and Anne Grut Sørum.

Kroppslig læring at Universitetsforlaget (information in Norwegian)

Look through the book, in Norwegian!

The book launch took place during the virtual international conference Bodily Learning 2021.

The virtual international Bodily Learning Conference 2021

Logo til Bodily Learning. PNG

A large international conference took place 22–23 April 2021, fully virtual due to the corona restrictions. Visit the conference page.

Bildetekst: The Bodily Learning Conference took place 22–23 April 2021

The conference attracted 188 registered participants from all over the world: there were participants from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Uganda, South Africa, France, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, USA, and France.

During the two days the conference offered:

  • 3 keynotes
  • 6 workshops
  • 2 Panel discussions
  • 21 paper presentations
  • A book launch (Norwegian)
  • A social Pubinar

Dr. Camilla Groth’s (University of South-Eastern Norway) keynote lecture «Knowing through hands in the field of arts and crafts» at the conference can be seen here.

Special Issue: Bodily Learning Conference 2021

There will be a special Bodily Learning conference issue in the peer-reviewed publication channels Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education (JASEd).

  • Special Issue Editors: Trine Ørbæk and Karen Bauer
  • Deadline for submissions: 1 September 2021
  • Call for articles.


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External members of research network