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PhD candidates in the Inorganic Materials and Ceramics Research Group with Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud

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Recent activities



Caterina Lesaint Rusu will defend her PhD thesis on the 16th of February.
Trial lecture: "Graphene; materials, properties and possibilities in coating applications" in EL2 at 10.15.
Public defence: "Improvement of surface properties of high pressure laminates" in EL2 at 13.15.


Assoc. Prof Hilde Lea Lein is one of nine professor that received a recognition of their pedagogical competence from NTNU. This is part of NTNUs work to emphasize the importance and increase the status of teaching at a university level. Assoc. Prof Hilde Lea Lein received this recognition for her long teaching experience, but especially for the “Virtuelle kjemiske rom” (virtual chemical room) project.


The setup for synchrotron in situ XRD on thin films made by Anders B. Blichfeld was mentioned in the latest ESRF news magazine (pp 10, No. 77). The whole magazine can be found here.


New FRIPRO-funding for our group! 
The “Modified 2D van-der-Waals materials for advanced bio-applications”-project lead by Maria Benelmekki and  the “High-capacity 2D layered materials for Mg-ion batteries”-project lead by Fride Vullum-Bruer was granted FRIPRO funds from The Research Council of Norway. Additionally, Sondre Schnells work on “Nanothermodynamics for Molecular Machines” got funds through the Young Research Talents grants. 

In addition Maria Benelmekki is involved in the multidisciplinary FRIPRO project “Nanomorphology effects on the bioactivity and chemical activity of metal oxides, sulphides, and silicates” in collaboration with IGP, IBT, and the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University, USA.


Mads Jonas Christensen defended his thesis on the 24th of November.
Trial Lecture: "Functional ion defects in transition metal oxides".
Public Defence: “Fabrication of lead-free ferroelectric thin films based on Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 by aqueous chemical solutions deposition”.


The project "Bio-degradable Li-ion battery anodes" lead by Assoc. Prof. Fride Vullum-Bruer in our group, was one of five project that was granted founding from The Research Council of Norway’s “NANO2021” program!
The project focus on trying to develop environmentally friendly and biodegradable battery-anodes based on the shell from algae and using binders extracted from kelp.


Exciting new book from Norges Tekniske Vitenskapsakademi about how Technology is changing society, where Associate Professor Fride Vullum-Bruer is co-author of the chapter on Nanotechnology!
Teknologien endrer samfunnet (only in Norwegian).


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