Table of contents

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1 Going to Trondheim

From Oslo by train
From Rome by plane 
From Bergen by boat 
From Hamburg by car
Numerals 1
Numerals 2
A/an (en-ei-et)
Nationalities – extended list
Olaf from Northern Norway
Winter in Trondheim
Personal pronouns
Verbs, present tense
Nouns, three genders
Question words
Word order
The alphabet
Norwegian and English letters compared

2 Arrival in Trondheim

To Moholt studentby
The airport express coach
Bus to Moholt
To the reception
The days
The time 1
The time 2
The time 3
Map of Trondheim
I travel
Personal pronouns, object form
Auxiliary verbs + infinitive
Nouns, indefinite and definite form
Question words, hvilken
Word order
Norwegian and English vowels compared

3 Settling in at the student housing area

The key
The bed-sitter
First meeting with Anna
Breakfast with Frank
Kitchen vocabulary
Bathroom vocabulary
I live
Reflexive pronouns
Nouns, genitive, irregular forms
Adjectives, main pattern
Prepositions, i and

4 Everyday life

At Moholt center
At Solsiden
A shopping trip
At the police station
Food and drink
Shopping centre
Foreigner - foreign
Picture Solsiden
I buy
Demonstrative pronouns
Verbs, infinitive
Adjectives, other patterns
Silent letters

5 In town

An old man
Tourist in Trondheim
E-mail home
Nidarosdomen cathedral
Verbs 1 & 2
Verbs 3 & 4
Irregular verbs
Time expressions
Do you like Trondheim?
Verbs, past tense
Adjectives in -el, -en
Time expressions
Words for quantities
Consonant clusters

6 At the university

Starting at Dragvoll
Home from Gløshaugen
The sports centre
Norwegian class
Verbs 1 & 2
Verbs 3 & 4
Irregular verbs
Classroom vocabulary
I work at NTNU
Verbs, present perfect
Verbs, irregular
Adjectives, definite form
Word order, subordinate clauses
Long or short vowels
Word tones

7 Family & Spare time

Spare time
Both (både - begge)
Family words
Not - either
How often
Spare time
Possessive pronouns
Som (who/which)
Da and når (when)
Retroflex sounds

8 Going on a trip & Being ill

Trip to Oppdal
Peter is ill
To think (å synes - å tro)
Weather, months, seasons
An invitation
Illness expressions
Health care
Reflexive possessives, sin
Adjectives, comparison
Prepositions, time expressions

9 In the office & At a conference

The office
A conference
Yes (ja - jo)
Working at NTNU
Adverbs from adjective
The universities
Johanna in the office
Word order, main clause / subordinate clause
Fordi and derfor
Short answers
Connected speech

10 A trip to Oslo & Christmas in Norway

Trip to Oslo
Christmas in Norway
One (man - en)
Regions in Norway
Edvard Munch
Neither - nor
Easter and 17 May
Fluency and rhythm
- adverb, conjunction, verb
Prepositions, about place
Prepositions, til and hos
Comma rules
Speech rhythm
Unstressed syllables
Rhythm unit: The foot
Initial unstressed syllables
One last hint