Lesson Design Study and Teaching Resources

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Lesson Design Study and Teaching Resources

The research group on lesson design study and teaching resources is engaged in and builds on work done both nationally and internationally.

Lesson design studies involves researchers working collaboratively with teachers in designing, conducting, observing, reflecting and redesigning mathematics or science lessons.

Teaching resources comprises both analogue and digital resources and includes textbooks, curriculum materials, tasks, lesson plans, computers and other ICT tools etc. 

The research group builds on work done in the EU projects Primas, Mascil and FaSMEd in which several of our members participated, and is closely related to the NTNU Literacy project. The group is also engaged in and builds on work done in Shanghai, China.

The EU projects Primas and Mascil both focused on inquiry-based learning (IBL) in mathematics and science. Designing lessons with an IBL approach continues to be a primary focus of our group. Working with schools and teachers on designing lesson and developing resources for teaching were important parts of both Primas and Mascil and also the FaSMEd project, and continues to be an important part of the group’s work. Repositories with available resources can be found on the websites:

As part of the large NTNU Literacy project the subgroup of Mathematical and Science Literacy includes colleagues in the Mathematics and Science sections at the Department of Teacher Education at NTNU. We are working closely with two primary schools in Melhus commune, Brekkåsen and Høyeggen, conducting a longitudinal study following students through their seven years of primary school, starting in 2016 when the students started in first grade. More information.

Internationally, we work with colleagues at The International Centre for STEM Education (ICSE). Part of the cooperation in ICSE includes the MaSDiV project (Supporting mathematics and science teachers in addressing diversity and promoting fundamental values). We are also involved in the EU project IncluSMe (Intercultural learning in science and mathematics initial teacher education). Further collaborations include the Asian Centre for Mathematics Education at East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, and The Linz School of Education at the Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria.

We also work with colleagues at Southampton University in the UK and Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. More information about this project.

Through the NORHED project we collaborate with Bahir Dar university in Ethiopia. See also

The research group will be supported by and collaborate with Professor Birgit Pepin from the Netherlands (Eindhoven University of Technology), as well as colleagues in the UK (e.g. Associate Professor Keith Jones, Southampton University).