Children and young people’s health and welfare

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Children and young people’s health and welfare

About Children and young people’s health and welfare.

Experiences from childhood literally leave traces in our bodies for better or worse, and childhood forms the foundation of health for the rest of the life course. Our research is particularly concerned with health prevention and health promotion, as well as uniting the many bodily dimensions of health and its effects in interactions with the surrounding environment. A good childhood in a diverse society demands a generous and comprehensive understanding of normality. 

We do research with, on and for children and young people.

The research group is interdisciplinary and has broad methodological competence. Our researchers have a background in medicine (GP), nursing, physiotherapy, health sciences, epidemiology, sociology, psychology and special education. Methodologically, our work ranges from quantitative epidemiological studies and register-based studies to qualitative interpretive studies. The research group has an ambition to take the diversity of the rising generation seriously by having studies and samples reflecting the rising generation's composition of gender, ethnic background and level of function.


The group has a close connection to HUNT through the leader of Young-HUNT (the youth part of HUNT; The Trøndelag Health Study) participating in the research group. Young-HUNT is population-based and based on data from self-reporting through questionnaires, interviews and clinical measurements of adolescents aged 13-19 years. Young-HUNT was conducted for the first time in 1995/97, with follow-up of the youngest in 1999/2000; then collection of data from new youth cohorts in 2006/08 and 2017/19. 

Think tank

Research group runs the think tank "BlikkPåBarn" (BpB) (Glance at Children). 



Publications in the list below shows publications from the members of the groups, also publications not related to children, youth, health and welfare. Unfortunatly, the list does not show all publications in Norwegian and Nordic papers, and books and book chapters. To find this, you can visit each members profile page. 

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