Completed development projects in NTNU Teaching Excellence 2015–2015

Completed development projects in NTNU Teaching Excellence 2015–2016

The aim of the development projects in NTNU Teaching Excellence 2015-2016 is to strengthen teaching skills by developing innovative teaching, learning and assessment practices. The initiatives are intended to improve students’ learning outcomes and completion rate.

The development projects have been allocated funding after NTNU’s call for proposals during the spring of 2015 (in Norwegian).

The development projects

Development projects in NTNU Teaching Excellence 2015–2015

Interactive MOOC for application of economic methodology

Department of Economics
Project Manager Professor Hans Bonesrønning

Smart Blending

Programme for Teacher Education
Project Manager Associate Professor Lise Vikan Sandvik

Games-based approach to field courses through the use of multimedia narratives

Department of Geography
Project Manager Professor Jan Ketil Rød

Online course based on a blended learning model for the Kompis programme of further education for teachers in social science

Department of Sociology and Political Science
Project Manager Professor Kristen Ringdal

TRANSark MiTLab (Making is Thinking Laboratory)

Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art
Project Manager Associate Professor Gro Rødne

Doing the obvious: Activating the student

Department of Physics
Project Manager Associate Professor Magnus Lilledahl

Active students in large-class teaching

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Project Manager Associate Professor Frode Seland

The Virtual Simulation Lab

Department of Chemical Engineering
Project Managers Associate Professor Brian Arthur Grimes and Associate Professor Johannes Jäschke

Creative Classroom for Courses related to Climate Control (CCICC)

Department of Energy and Process Engineering
Project Manager Professor Guangyu Cao

Computer-intensive engineering education with a focus on TKT4140 Numerical Methods with Computer Laboratory

Department of Structural Engineering
Project Manager Professor Leif Rune Hellevik

Formative assessment and task design in TMR 4235 Stochastic Theory of Sealoads

Department of Marine Technology
Project Manager Professor Dag Myrhaug

Using Innovative Learning Methods to overcome the Distance Barrier in Engineering Education

Department of Production and Quality Engineering
Project Manager Associate Professor Bassam A. Hussein

NTNU’s archaeological studies and the need for calibration with external reality

Department of Archaeology and Cultural History
Project Manager Professor Hein B. Bjerck

Literature laboratory for secondary school teachers. Profession-focused study of discipline subjects – Nordic

Department of Language and Literature
Project Mananger Associate Professor Lars August Fodstad

Network learning in historical studies

Department of Historical Studies
Project Manager Associate Professor Jan Frode Hatlen

Peer review of multiple-choice questions for integrated examinations in medical school

Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine
Project Manager Postdoctoral Fellow Tobias Schmidt Slørdahl

Save Your Skin

Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine
Project Manager Associate Professor Brita Solveig Pukstad

TverrSIM (inter-professional simulator training for students in medicine, nursing and radiography)

Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging
Project Manager Professor Petter Aadahl

Virtual inter-professional collaboration (VirSam)

Department of Public Health and General Practice
Project Manager Professor Aslak Steinsbekk

Cooperation between Experts in Teamwork (EiT), NTNU’s strategic areas of research (TSOs) and the world of work

Experts in Teamwork (EiT)
Project Manager Associate Professor Bjørn Sortland

Development of simulation module for use in teaching of project management

Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology and Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management
Project Manager Adviser Kaja Vik


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Kirsti Rye Ramberg