Research at NTNU AMOS

The research at NTNU AMOS is divided into two research areas: unmanned vehicles and robots, and safer, smarter and greener marine operations. Our research projects are found in the menu to the left.AMOS main

NTNU AMOS project 1: video

Combined wind and wave energy converter concept (STC, Spar-Torus-Combination) in survival conditions

project 1 screenshot

play video: numerical study carried out at NTNU AMOS in collaboration with CeSOS PhD candidate Ling Wan and with CNR-INSEAN. Experiments performed at Marintek. The STC concept is developed in the EU FP7 MARINA Platform Project. 

NTNU AMOS project 2: videos

Closed Flexible Fish Cages (experiment by Ida M. Strand, NTNU AMOS):

To solve the sea lice challenge for the net based aquaculture industry, it is proposed to use closed floating systems in the sea. One type of closed system is a Closed Flexible Fish Cage, this system resembles the net based system, but the net is exchanged with a membrane. To understand the response of the Closed Flexible Fish Cage in current and waves, more knowledge was needed. To build this knowledge, multiple model experiments were run for different filling levels, for current and waves. 

CFC screenshot 1

play video: observation when investigating the current forces and deformations: Drag increase with decreasing filling level due to large filling level dependent deformations.

Fish-farm system in exposed sea conditions (numerical studies by Yugao Shen, NTNU AMOS)

video 1 screenshot

play video: a coupled well boat - fish farm system in regular waves and current. 

video 2 screenshot

play video: a fish farm system in irregular waves (storm conditions).

NTNU AMOS project 3: video

Networked OCEAN

play video by Maritime Robotics AS describing some of the Networked Ocean experiments made jointly with the University of Porto

NTNU AMOS project 4: videos

play video from the Arctic ABC course

SWIMM video

play video from the SWIMM-project: hyperredundant swimming robot manipulators 

NTNU AMOS project 7: videos

Stationkeeping operations in extreme conditions:

Astrid at the MC-lab DP testing

play video: From simulation studies in the office to testing in model scale in the Marine Cybernetics Laboratory...

Gunnerus cruise 1 fall 2016

play video: ... to full scale testing on research vessel Gunnerus on the NTNU AMOS Dynamic Positioning Research Cruise in fall 2016

Masterstudents' dynamic positioning experiments:

snapshot DP boat

play video from the students' experiments published in February 2017; they work with 
dynamic positioning and docking of an autonomous ferry and use DNV GL's model boat Revolt as a platform.

Parametric roll and water on deck on a FPSO in head-sea regular waves

Project 7 video parametric roll screenshot

play video of a numerical study carried out at NTNU AMOS in collaboration with CNR-INSEAN. Experiments performed at CNR-INSEAN. 

NTNU AMOS project 8: video

Failure features for a fixed oil boom during model tests in a sloshing tank harmonically excited in sway

Project 8 screenshot

play video: physical study carried out at NTNU AMOS in connection with NTNU AMOS PhD candidate Daniele Borri and in collaboration with CNR-INSEAN. Experiments performed at CNR-INSEAN.

NTNU AMOS project 9: video


play video: Next GEN IMR – from outer space to ocean space