Programme and presentations

Programme and presentations

– Concept Symposium 2014



Day 1 – Thursday 25 September




Morning Bird Program: Despairing Men crave Desperate Projects

Peder A. Berg, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Finance, Norway






Opening Statement by the Concept Symposium Chairman

Bjørn Andersen, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology




Updates on Project Governance in Norway

Peder A. Berg, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Finance, Norway




Heritage of «Titans», Innovations, Trends, Leadership, Choice


Vladimir Pirojkov, President, Centre of Industrial Design and Innovation Astrarossa Design, Russia






Exploring the Opportunity Space

Knut Samset, Professor Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Director Concept, Norway




Norway - Resource Curse and Public Spending

Jørn Rattsø, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology






Session 1

Opportunities and Project Governance

Session Chair

Heidi Bull-Berg, Research Manager Concept/SINTEF

Session 2

Project Management

Session Chair

Hallgrim Hjelmbrekke, Researcher Concept/NTNU

Session 3

Evaluation and the Effects of Investments Session Chair

Håkon Finne, Research Manager Concept/SINTEF


Opportunities, Requirements and the Conceptual Choices


Erik Magnus Sæther, Partner Oslo Economics



What Drives the Decision to Deliver a Project through Project Alliancing in Australasia?

Derek Walker, Program Director RMIT University



Political Frameworks and Private Investments in Power Generation for the German energy transition
Dominik Schäuble, Dr., Research Associate, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Germany




Value through Collaborative Working in UK Construction Projects

Don Ward, Chief Executive Constructing Excellence United Kingdom


Early Underestimation of Costs

- its Strategic Effects


Morten Welde, Researcher Concept Research Program Norway


Evaluation of Norwegian Aid

- some Experiences with OECD DAC Standards

Tale Kvalvaag, Director, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation Norway




Front End Management in the United States

Edd Gibson, Professor Arizona State University USA


Bloodhound SSC - A Project / Program with Problematic Governance

Mary McKinlay, Professor Mary McKinlay Projects Ltd United Kingdom


Monitoring the German Energy Transition

Hans-Joachim Ziesing, Dr. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energiebilanzen Germany





Perverse Incentives and their Effects

Gro Holst Volden, Research Director Concept Research Program


Project Budgets and Portfolio Value

- A marriage built to last?

Steve Wake, Chairman

Association for Project Management United Kingdom

The Significance of Minimal Evaluation of Major Investments

Håkon Finne,Senior Research Scientist SINTEF Technology and Society Norway



Think2Impact™ - A Practical Application of Systems Science                                   

Stephen Hayes,
Managing Director
Complexity Solutions

Sponsoring Projects: Developing an Organizational Capability

Terry Cooke-Davis, Founder and Senior Consultant

Human Systems International Limited United Kingdom

Rebuilding the Government Complex after the 2011 Oslo Bombing

Stein Berntsen, President Consulting Dovre Group Plc





Symposium Dinner – Hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance – Meeting place: Library




Day 2 – Friday 26 September


Session 4 Megaprojects

Session Chair

Morten Welde, Researcher Concept/NTNU

Session 5

Decisions and Management

Session Chair

Nils Olsson, Professor Concept/NTNU

Session 6

Conceptual Choices and Governance Regimes Session Chair

Ola Lædre, Associate Professor Concept/NTNU



High Speed Rail in Great Britain
– What to expect?

Henry Overman, Professor London School of Economics United Kingdom

Decision Making and Management of Major Projects

Halvard Kilde, CEO Metier


A Vision of Earth 2052 and its Implications for Decisions Today

Jørgen Randers, Professor

BI Norwegian Business School Norway



Lessons from a new Railway in Northern Sweden - The Bothnia Line

Helena Braun Thörn, Deputy Director Centre for Transport Studies


Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants – The Uncertainty Analysis

Simon Carroll, Senior Analyst Swedish Radiation Safety Authority Sweden

Major Projects Authority: What we are doing to help Departments Improve Project Execution

Tim Banfield, Director Strategy Major Projects Authority, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom

1030-1045 Break



Oslo Winter Olympics 2022

- A Controversial Proposition

Anders Magnus Løken Principal Consultant, DNV GL Norway

Bridging the gap in transport project evaluation: Accounting for the inaccuracies in demand forecasts and construction costs estimations

Kim Bang Salling, Associate Professor Technical University of Denmark Denmark

Conceptual Appraisals in the Swedish Transport Sector

Inga-Maj Eriksson, Long Term Planner Swedish Transport Administration Sweden



Major Sports Events: Why the Cost Overruns?

Harry Arne Solberg, Professor Trondheim Business School Norway

Investing in Culture – Megalomania in a Miniature Country?

Knut Samset, Program Director Concept Research Program Norway

Project Governance: Owners Involvement and Accountability

Jan Høegh, Partner Holte Consulting as Norway

1215-1315 Lunch




Statement by the Symposium Chairman

Bjørn Andersen, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology




From Traditional Project Management to Strategic Project Leadership

Aaron Shenhar, Professor of Project and Technology Management Technological Leadership Institute, The SPL Group USA

1415-1430 Break




A 6000% rate of return: the UK Government’s answer to improving Programme Delivery

Simon Eccles, Dr, Department of Health, United Kingdom




Summary Remarks and Closing Statement

Gro Holst Volden, Research Director, Concept Research Program, Norway