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Organization and Society

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About us

About us

“Organization and society” is an interdisciplinary research group to support, coordinate and draw synergies from a broad range of research in and on organizations.

Members of the group have varying disciplinary backgrounds ranging from sociology, political science, sports sciences, over social anthropology and management research, to communication and media studies. The group is closely connected to the teaching activities in all the department’s study programs, but especially demonstrated by the Master's program in Organization, Digitalization, Administration and Work and the executive education program in Organization and Leadership. The group members are involved, individually and in collaboration, in several research activities related to organizations and society.

Projects and publications

Research Activities

  • FIRE21 - Nordic Fire and Rescue Services, Problem solving in the 21st Century (funded by Nordforsk; participants: Petter Almklov, Michael Grothe-Hammer)
  • Gender equity within the governance of the sport for development and peace sector (Participant: Lucy Piggott)
  • Gender equity in Norwegian esports (Participant: Lucy Piggott)
  • Is gender on the international agenda? Gender representation and policy in international sport governance (commissioned by UK Sport; participant: Lucy Piggott)
  • MASQ – Measuring Quality: Exceeding the limitations of quality management in municipal health and care services. (funded by Norges Forskningsråd (2020-2024); project coordinator: Gunhild Tøndel)
  • Meta-organizing grand challenges: the case of ocean governance (project leader: Michael Grothe-Hammer)
  • CORNER – Coordination, response and networked resilience. (On the management of the Corona Crisis, Funded by Norges Forskningsråd, participants: Petter Almklov, Andre Karlsen, Michael Grothe-Hammer). 
  • RISKY - Consequences of fundamental changes in risk regulation (funded by Norges Forskningsråd; participants: Petter Almklov, Michael Grothe-Hammer)

Relevant Publications

Here are some relevant publications. Please see the researchers' NTNU-profiles for more. 


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